Underground Thrash/Speed Metal Bands Part 1
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Underground Thrash/Speed Metal Bands Part 1
Just some of my favorite underground thrash bands. Yes the video is kind of sloppy, but it's still good. Please note: I do NOT own ANY of these bands, songs, album art, ect. All credit goes to thier rightful owners. Albums that were used: Uncertain Future - Forced Entry The Day After - Warhead Extravasation - Aspid The Sane Asylum - Blind Illusion Destination Unknown - Arcane Church and State - Iron Cross Estranged Dimensions - Nocturn Power Corrupts - Redrum Within Suffering - Overthrow Veil of Mourn - Rampage Initial Velocity - Mandator Return to Dust - Ares Kingdom The World Is Hours Away - Eviction Human Wreckage - DAM Above the Ashes - Ulysses Siren A Symbol of Devotion - Defender
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