Underrated Melodic Death Metal - Part 34 [HD]
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Underrated Melodic Death Metal - Part 34 [HD]
Melodic Death metal in da house!!! Part 34 is here,and,since my memory has more faults than anything i've ever seen before,it will have the honors of celebrating 700 subscribers. I better go sort things out with my lunch. While i'm gone,or on the phone with the firefighters,you enjoy these songs: 1. Taranis - Dominion 2. December Flower - Aeon 3. Asleigh Stake - Another Fall Alone 4. Igzordium - The Absence of Life 5. Dead End Finland - A Sinister Dream* 6. Thy Bleeding Skies - At The Edge 7. Templestowe - This Wrathful Abyss 8. Mors Subita - Dead Belief 9. Vanisher - Born to Breed** 10. BerserkerfoX - Colored by Blood * I'm using the Stain of Disgrace album cover,simply because there is no new artwork for the new album. ** This is the version that the band recorded when they were called Zero System. Disclaimer: I have legally bought the albums in which all of these songs are featured,except for Dead End Finland. A Sinister Dream is a single of their upcoming album,which is not yet released. My uploads are only meant to promote and support all these amazing,talented yet tragically unknown artists from all across the world. I do not gain any profit by uploading this video,and i do not intend any offence or infringement of copyright. Please understand the cause. Thanks in advance.
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