Unknown Power Metal Bands
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Unknown Power Metal Bands
This is a compilation of lesser known Power Metal bands, from around the world. Enjoy! Click here for a sequel: www.youtube.com List of songs and bands in the compilation: The Totem by Aclla www.youtube.com Tocar El Sol by Darksun www.youtube.com Unpredictable by Delirion (no link) Battleplan by Derdian www.youtube.com Massada Will Never Fall by Desert www.youtube.com Beyond Reality by Divine Sword (no link) Howl of the Wolf by Double Dealer www.youtube.com I Want the World to See by 8 Point Rose www.youtube.com A New Dimension by 4th Dimension www.youtube.com Heart of Battle by Heroik www.youtube.com Gates of Hell by Holyhell www.youtube.com Ghosts Of The Past by Instanzia www.youtube.com Doomsday Machine by Juvaliant www.youtube.com Warriors Call by Kerion www.youtube.com Kiss me Kill me by Liv Moon www.youtube.com Dragonsbane by Lorenguard (no link) Symphony of War by Magic Kingdom www.youtube.com Siege on Zelgian by Magician www.youtube.com Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time by Pathfinder www.youtube.com Enter Reality by Persuader www.youtube.com My Prophecy by Pertness www.youtube.com Religion For The Weak by Rising Dream www.youtube.com The Ones Who Breathe the Flame by Seven Kingdoms www.youtube.com Soldier by Slain (no link) Future Ice-Age by Synthphonia Suprema www.youtube.com Infierno Nuclear by Terra Sur www.youtube.com New Eldorado by Tierramystica www.youtube.com Nameless Death by Time Concerto www.youtube.com Aggressive by Tribuzy www.youtube.com Kostonenkeli ...
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