URO & Andrea Casanova- Gahara live @ BigastRock 2008
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URO & Andrea Casanova- Gahara live @ BigastRock 2008
Hi, people! So, after some months since this happened, I'm finally uploading this vid of my collaboration with the Spanish heavy metal band URO, good friends and musicians who first gave me a opportunity into this world that is metal. :) This was the last 5th of July at the BigastRock festival, in Bigastro, Alicante (Spain), where we opened the stage with this song (yes, I was the first opening the first edition of that festival, and also the only woman that was on stage that day! :P), where there would later play important Spanish bands such as Soziedad Alkoholika or Angelus Apatrida (thrash metal, I do recommend them if you like the style :P) As you can maybe hear or guess in the low sound quality the video has got (lowered by youtube and windows movie maker, sure), the lyrics are in Spanish, so I'll shorten them up for you and tell you the song talks about a specifical guitarist who lost his capacity to move because of an illness and had to stop playing guitar. In this story, the male singer, Dani, plays the guitarist player and I play the guitar, telling I'm sorry he left me until when he decides that playing is the only way to get better if he can, but then it's like the guitar doesn't want to be played anymore cause it knows he'll play it bad, more or less, hehehe. So I hope you enjoy it even if the quality's not the best and you can't really hear us very well (over all because the voices where coming out from some speakers that were behind the one who was recording ...
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