Venia - "Liberty" with Lyrics (Christian Melodic Power Metal)
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Venia - "Liberty" with Lyrics (Christian Melodic Power Metal)
A track off of Venia's album Victory by Surrender (2009). Copyright Open Grave Records. Venia is a female-fronted melodic metal band from Finland that incorporates elements of progressive metal, power metal, thrash metal, and even symphonic metal into their music. You can check out the band at these links: and Lyrics: I've lived my life by the rules Never once broken the law Always worked as hard as I should If there's a god out there, I'm sure he looks upon my life and sees that it has been good But if I die tonight, where would I find myself? Would I be brought into light? Or would I be cast down into the darkest of all pits for all eternity? I'm glad I'm not like other men: extortioners and adulterers Unjust and like a thief I always fast twice a week Give tithes of all that I posses Surely this must be enough But if I die tonight... A man once walked the earth He said: "The way is not through your deeds, the way is through me" If you know Christ the Lord you don't need to feel any fear He brings us eternal liberty!
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