Vibrion - Massive Frustration (vivo)
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Vibrion - Massive Frustration (vivo)
VIBRION started back in ´89 and two years later, their first demo ¨Erradicated Life¨ was recorded containing 5 tracks of some mixture between Grind, Hardcore and Death Metal. It was professionally recorded on a 24 track studio and was very well received in their own country selling over 1100 copies in a short time. This helped the band to catch the attention from several labels form abroad and it was a Swiss label called WITCHHUNT RECORDS which offered them to press their demo on a 7¨EP. After being released the EP in Europe in Spring ´93, two songs were also featured on a NUCLEAR BLAST compilation CD called GRINDCORE COMPILATION, but it wasn´t until ´93. The band have also been featured in various other smaller compilations. In November 1993, three new tracks were recorded for promotional purpose, but two of them were choosed for an Argentinean Death Metal compilation through ADVANCE RECORDS also from Argentina. This label has also re-released their ¨Erradicated Life¨ demo on Mini-CD format in March ´94 containing 4 extra live songs. During the past years, VIBRION has played many gigs in Buenos Aires and surroundings as well as in Uruguay which was a success. A date in Bolivia was done in January `94 getting a great response too. In April of the same year, their most important gig was played supporting KREATOR in front of 2500 people. Just after that, the band started an European tour playing a couple of gigs in countries like Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Holland ...
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27.06.2012 (1248 days ago)
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