Vorgrum - By the Words of the Wise ( Folk Metal ) w/lyrics
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Vorgrum - By the Words of the Wise ( Folk Metal ) w/lyrics
Vorgrum - By the Words of the Wise This is a great argentinian pagan/black/folk band iv found on the internet. Really good pagan metal. Myspace: myspace.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Lyrics: I hear the horde get closer Hitting the ground with his anger they will have no mercy On the way to my land they will die! Listen my words, foreign man Listen to our swords, cuting the wind We will defend this land from your conquest just listen the heretics, The words of the wise. silence your words, your empty prophecies! you can´t usurp what runs through my veins! we´ll burn the remains of your attempt to conquer our wilderness, is full of greatfull sway. severed flesh, blood stains the fields certainly, the sunset is faded in red we can only respect what we see the anger of gods, on them will fall.
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