War Kabinett - The Great Deceiver - First Single from "Made In Mexico"
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War Kabinett - The Great Deceiver - First Single from "Made In Mexico"
Visit: www.warkabinett.com First single from the new album of War Kabinett - Made In Mexico which will be released in october 2011. Music & Lyrics: Dante Díaz & Genaro Ochoa A production of: "ONCE11 Producciones" Director: David Kurylenko & Fernanda "Yupi" Segura Producer: Fernanda "Yupi" Segura & David Kurylenko Photographer: Eduardo Moreno Art Director: Lorena Torres Direction assistant: Ma. José Amézcua Production assistant: Jessica Landaverde Lyrics: Why should we hear again the same bullshit? Your promises and all your lies. Speeches and spots with the same old song. And don't forget your terror lines! You'll bring progress, many money And all the food and jobs we need You're the great solution, you're the man we want. Chorus: The Great Deceiver with the enchanting speech. The high class suit, the sparkling teeth, He wins no matter what you think, If you want progress Vote for him! Who are the men behind the curtains? Who pays the bills of your campaign? Will you fulfil your promises to people, Or the contracts with those who put you on stage? You are a sales man, just a dealer And now my country and people are the fucking deal. You are the perfect option; you're the man they want! Chorus Interlude: I don't see jobs Neither progress I see we're living in the same shit, Enslaved by powerful and rich men; In a dreamland for drug cartels, Bureaucrats and corruption. Chorus
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