Westboro Baptist neutralized by the Patriot Guard Riders
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Westboro Baptist neutralized by the Patriot Guard Riders
The anti-Christians who are members of the Westboro Baptist Church, located in Topeka, Kansas has an hate affair with the United States of America. They are blindly led by Fred Phelps. The source of their hate is towards gays and they thus hate America for its tolerance of gays and the freedoms they enjoy. With that hate, they also assign that same hate on the United States military for protecting a nation which affords rights to gays and others these anti-Christian people hate. To manifest their hate and satisfy the attention whore within them, they protest at the funerals of military members who died in defense of our nation. Their reprehensible abuse of our freedom of speech gave birth to an organization of motor cyclist nationwide, called the Patriot Guard Riders. Here is the link to their website: www.patriotguard.org The Patriot Guard Riders stand between the anti-Christians and the military funeral, protecting the bereaved families from looking at the ugly signs and face belonging to those anti-Christians. Please see related video in reference to the Supreme Court decision: www.youtube.com Patriot Guard Riders Westboro Baptist Fred Phelps gay military funeral army navy air force marines coast guard free speech propagandabuster propaganda buster tony WBC
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