What is Really Going on in Mexico? - a dolphin's sad fate
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What is Really Going on in Mexico? - a dolphin's sad fate
Do you care about dolphins? Must see YouTube video. CBC Dolphin Dealer. www.youtube.com "A haunting film about the largest capture and export of wild dolphins in history, perpetrated by the world's most notorious dolphin dealer, Canadian Christopher Porter." What is REALLY Happening in Mexico? The Mexico Tourism Board and itravel2000 have partnered to launch a consumer-to-consumer web blog. These chaps are not consumers, they are not even reporters, they are pitchmen for businesses. We also found this: "Despite protests up to 200 bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins) from the Solomon Islands were captured in the lawless Solomon Islands for export around the world. 28 arrived alive in Cancun, Mexico July 21. Two more are believed to have died already. On the scene in Cancun, Ben White of the Animal Welfare Institute, reports that he could hear the dolphins scream 200 feet away from their pens. They arrived in small metal boxes with a sling. No water appeared to be in the boxes. The boxes were dragged across the sand. A Mexican animal protection group, Conservación de Mamíferos Marinos de México (COMARINO) filed a lawsuit to challenge the legality of the import permit to Cancun. COMARINO's lawsuit against the Mexican Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources claims that Parque Nizuc's permit was incorrectly issued and that the ministry should have revoked the permit once government officials learned that certain conditions were ...
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