Wintermoon (Mex) - Bleeding Thorns... Misty Skies
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Wintermoon (Mex) - Bleeding Thorns... Misty Skies
Mexican Black Metal (Hellthrone Baphomet/EP 2006) Lyrics: Total winter and restless lust devours the corrupted souls of my warbrothers Through a terrible valley of mournfully winds and corpsesI walk Immortal warriors in rotten oblivion lie doomed to eternal life Their carcass in shadows take refuge towards forbidden lands A black lightning howling the somberly March of the Undead Towards the Dominion of MashuThey walk Rising the Throne of the Underworld Open Thy Black Portals Endless Mountains of Mashu The icy lake that flows through your Abyssic Paths Nergal: Stellar dust adorns my Crown My lineage lies in forgetfulness over blood thorns A cemetery of eternal aberration n doom crept to the humiliated celestial cast Towards the Underworld Crucificated Scars summoning revenge in their gaze Abyssic terrors hidden walk twisting in their new form Full of vileness and depravation Swearing revenge they hold the hatred That feels for every celestial being¡ Profound Wrath has broke their bodies Bleeding Thorns Over Misty Skies Fallen from Light Carving the sky in blood To become in Demons
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