Wire Straightener. 2 bodies of 7 rollers each
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Wire Straightener. 2 bodies of 7 rollers each
Wire and steel strip roller straightener. Versions: 8 and 10 mm diameter. - A fast and easy system for straightening wire and sheet metal bands. - Made up of 2 bodies of 7 rollers each. - The lower rollers all adjust at the same time to facilitate the straightening. - The rollers are separated by eccentrics presses, facilitating the introduction of the wire. - A compact, robust machine. - To tense the wire it is only necessary to tighten the tensing screw, there is no need to loosen the rollers. Reivax Máquinas: Design and construction of machinery for wire. Machines: END-8 and END-10 Website: www.reivaxmaquinas.com
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