Worlds Tallest Mohawk - Omaha NE
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Worlds Tallest Mohawk - Omaha NE
Eric Hahn set the Guinness World Record for Tallest Mohawk in Omaha Nebraska on 11/14/2008. The Mohawk was done by two student stylists at Capitol School of Hairstyling. Eric did this not only for the World Record but for charity. His cut hair has been donated to Locks of Love and money from sponsored events went to Project Nightlights - both charities were children's charities. Notes: --Eric did not raise the Mohawk as a fashion statement and does not wear it around daily. --Only hair spray was used and allowed by the world record rules. --He had to do a lot of work to get the official paperwork done, sponsorship, and media for this event. If you have seen a taller Mohawk, good on ya, but Eric did what it took to get it in the books. And did it for charity - not as a fashion statement. --Eric is a guitarist in the rock/punk band The Filthy Few --This video has been broadcast all over the world on many news stations and featured on 3 Japanese television shows. --The Mohawk was raised for height, not looks.
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