Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Black Star (cover)
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Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Black Star (cover)
I recently uploaded a video of me playing this live, so I thought I should do a "studio" version as well since it's quite simply easier to hear (and see) what I'm playing. Also, I unfortunately didn't get the intro on tape. I first learned this song a bit more than a year ago and I wanted to play it on the school break up (but I ended up playing "Far Beyond The Sun" instead), so I learned it again for the talent show a few weeks ago and wanted to make a proper cover of it now that I've learned it again. Recorded May 5 2010using a Pentax Optio M30 regular digital camera. Edited using Magix Music Maker 10 Deluxe and streamed as a 640x480 resolution Windows Media Video with 25 fps. Guitar: Jackson Warrior WRMG (with EMG 81/85). Amplifier: Peavey 6505+ and an Ashdown Peacemaker 412A cabinet with Celestion G12E-50 speakers. Effects: Electro Harmonix Small Clone, Boss DD-7. Settings: Lead channel: Pre: 8 Low: 2.8 Mid: 3.2 High: 9 Post: 0.9 Resonance: 3 Presence: 9 Strings: GHS TNT (.010 - .052) Pick: Dunlop Jazz III If you rate it, please motivate and write a comment too. Thanks for watching! I used the powertab at: tabs.ultimate-guitar.com You can download Power Tab Editor here: download.cnet.com
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20.06.2012 (1257 days ago)
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